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Baby Of The Year 2015 Winner!

Baby of the Year 2015 Winner!

Teddie Morgan is the winner of the prestigious 2015 Tembo Baby of the Year Competition! The stunning image of Teddie was taken by Doug Brown and Sheila Mann of Style Photography in Herne Bay, Kent.

Teddie’s image caught the imagination of the public and this was matched by the Tembo Baby of the Year judges, who included a panel of five mums, five professional photographers and five judges from our competition sponsors.

Speaking after the winner had been selected, Doug told us, “This is probably the biggest and most hotly contested baby competition in the UK, with so many excellent professional photographers entering each month. To take the winning image overall is a great achievement.”

Congratulations to our winner Teddie and his fantastic photographers Doug and Sheila!

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Click Here to view the Tembo Baby of the Year Scoring.

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