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Baby of the Month Competition Terms and Conditions

Please note: the overall winners of the Baby of the Month, and Baby of the Year Competitions, are NOT decided solely by the highest number of Facebook Likes or Loves.

How to vote:


To place a vote in the competition, simply ‘Like’ or ‘Love’ the image of your choice in the relevant competition album found on our Facebook page. The baby with the most amount of combined ‘Likes’ and ‘Loves’ receives 10 points, with the amount of points decreasing to 1 point for the 10th most liked baby, but are not the sole method to determine the five winning images for each competition.

  • Haha’, ‘Care’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ “Reactions” will not count as a vote. Multiple ‘Likes‘ or ‘Loves‘ on the same image from an individual Facebook account are not possible.
  • Likes‘ or ‘Loves‘ are counted only on the images made in the corresponding competition’s album on the Baby of the Month Facebook page. ‘Likes‘ or ‘Loves‘ on images made outside of the album will not be counted.
  • There have been instances of abnormal voting behaviour in previous competitions which indicates that images entered into the competition are being shared on Groups/Forums/Fanpages on Facebook unrelated to photography, or offered incentives in order to gain more ‘Likes‘ or ‘Loves’. In order to protect mums, babies and all entrants, and to make the competition as fair as possible (whilst still making it accessible to the public to vote for and appreciate professional photography of some beautiful babies!), any image which we suspect, or find evidence of, has received Likes/Loves from artificial sources, such as forum pages, Networking / Business Groups, For Sale, Selling or Swapping Groups/Pages, Gossip Groups, Community Groups, Advertising Groups, Groups/Pages unrelated to photography, ‘Likes for Likes‘, ‘Likes for Incentives‘ or ‘Paid for Likes‘, will have their total ‘Likes‘/’Loves‘ in the competition capped at 500.
  • In addition to the top 10 images on Facebook, three panels of Judges (consisting of 5 mums, 5 professional photographers and our ‘Sponsors’) will each choose their top 10 from all the images entered into monthly competitions, rating them from 10 points to 1. The points from each Judge are collated to determine the top 10 overall entries for both the Mum Judging panel, the Photographer Judging panel and Sponsors Judging Panel.
  • In the event of a tie, the winning positions will be calculated by Baby of the Month accordingly. The positions will be awarded using first the Mum votes, followed by Photographer and Sponsors votes, ending with Facebook votes.
  • Each panel (Facebook, Mum, Photographers and Sponsors) have a one quarter weighting in the competition, with the overall score marked out of 40. The results from each panel are combined to determine the 5 winners and Top-10 Finalists of each Baby of the Month Competition.

Please read the Terms of Use for Baby of the Month’s Facebook page and rules on voting here.

Participation in the competition

  • During your viewing appointment that follows your photography session, you have the opportunity to choose one image of your baby as a complimentary gift which you can you also enter into the competition via a £1.50 entry donation to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and receive Tembo, a soft elephant toy (available from participating studios)
  • Your baby must be aged from 0-12 months to be entered into the Baby of the Month competition.
  • Parents/Guardians who choose to participate in the competition accept that their baby’s image can be viewed, Liked/Loved and commented on by Facebook ‘friends’ and other Facebook users.
  • Images featured in each monthly competition have been professionally photographed by a Baby of the Month studio or a Baby of the Month Approved and Recommended photographer. Prior consent has been given from Parents/Guardians of the baby(s) featured in each monthly competition.
  • In the event of an image being selected as a winning entry, the Parents/Guardians consent is provided for the image to be used in any relevant Media selected by Baby of the Month Limited. This may include advertising, marketing, packaging or used on a website, including social media platforms to raise awareness of the competition.
  • The Baby of the Month Competition is not associated with any other competition and the promotion of other competitions on the Baby of the Month Facebook page is prohibited.

Competition prizes and notification

  • For bi-monthly competitions; each winning entrant will receive a £100 Boots voucher. No cash alternative is provided. In addition, 5 Top-10 Finalists will each receive a prize. No cash alternative is provided.
  • The prize for the image chosen as Baby of the Year is £5000.
  • Via their photographer, Baby of the Month Limited will inform all winners and Top-10 Finalists within 28 days of the competition closing date.
  • Baby of the Month Limited reserve the right, in the event of circumstances arising outside of our control, which in our opinion makes it necessary, to cancel or change the competition at any stage.
  • The decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The competition is not open to employees or contractors of Baby of the Month Limited.
  • The Baby of the Month competition is administered by Baby of the Month Limited.
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