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Photographer Judges

Along with Facebook ‘Likes/Loves’, we have a panel of judges made up of 5 professional photographers, our Sponsors and 5 Mums. The image with the most ‘likes’ receives 10 points, the 10th most popular image receives 1 point. This is repeated with the result from our 5 ‘Mum’ judges, ‘Sponsors’ and our 5 ‘professional photographer’ judges.

The scores are then collated and marked out of a total score of 40 points. The top 5 babies with the most points each will receive a £100 Mothercare voucher and entry into our Baby of the Year competition to win £5000!


Featured below are the Photographers on our judging panel:

Sandra Ford

My name is Sandra and I am a professional photographer. I put myself forward as a judge as I love babies and enjoy seeing the entries; it is nice to be involved in the decision making process. Currently I run a high street studio with 4 staff and we specialise mostly in Newborn, Baby and Family photography.

The best thing about being a photographer is that I can get up each morning and not even feel like I am going to work; it is a way of life for me and I love my job. A couple of hints for Mums who are thinking of booking a photo session – book your session for when your baby is at their best, rather than when it is most convenient for you.

A happy and comfortable baby will result in much better pictures. I would also say that if you prefer to have your baby dressed in outfits rather than naked in their photographs; keep the outfits very simple. Frills or fancy outfits tend to distract attention away from your baby’s beautiful features.

Mike Thornton

I have a great deal of experience, not only in baby photography but also with weddings, PR/commercial work in London and around the UK.

I love photographing babies. I believe success with babies is all about self-confidence and being very aware how mum feels in the studio; a baby’s mood is often very closely linked to Mum’s!

It is also hugely important to time a session around sleeping and feeding patterns and not to rush a session.

Peter Evans

Hi I’m Peter and I am really looking forward to help judge the Baby of the Month competition to see what other photographers are doing, and to be inspired by new ideas. I am also keen to help maintain the high standard by being part of this exciting new initiative.

Mums need to make sure that they speak to the photographers and understand what they need to bring to the session and how to prepare in order to make it easy on everyone involved! It’s best to work to the babies’ so that you get the best from the time that you are there.

Mark Hopwood

I am pleased to be on the judging panel for Baby of the Month because I like to contribute and be part of this exciting time for mums and their babies.

Being a photographer and capturing the baby’s first year is something I really enjoy. There is such a variety of images in the first year; the first smile, sitting up, crawling etc. It is a privilege and joy to capture.

I always allow plenty of time in the studio! Babies need feeding and changing and you cannot rush a baby in their portrait session, they need to be happy and content!

A hint for any mum having a photography session with her baby: Babies are always hungry, especially when visiting a studio and if their routine has changed. Make sure you bring a spare bottle!

Faye Collyer Rolls

What an honour it is to be selected as an Baby of the Month judge! The calibre and standard of photography is so high I know this is going to be a tough job!

I run a busy family portrait studio in Brighton and have a team of photographers here who work with, well anything you can imagine! We love photographing Maternity to New Born, Little Angels to Little Monsters! As a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association your photography session couldn’t be in better hands than with us!

We just love photographing people, especially little people, so it is a privilege to be working with Baby of the Month and Emma’s Diary along with many other baby photographers in the UK who are entering the competition! It’s really great for our customers and a buzz if you win – I should know, I won it in April 2014!

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