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Mum Judges

Along with the top-10 most popular images voted for by the public, we have a panel of judges made up of 5 professional photographers, our Sponsors and 5 Mums. The image with the most ‘likes’ receives 10 points, the 10th most popular image receives 1 point. This is repeated with the result from our 5 ‘Mum’ judges, ‘Sponsors’ and our 5 ‘professional photographer’ judges.

The scores are then collated and marked out of a total score of 40 points. The top 5 babies with the most points each will receive a £100 Boots voucher and entry into our Baby of the Year competition to win £5000!

Featured below are the Mums on our judging panel:


Hey, I’m Riki, proud mummy to a very cheeky 1-year-old, Lily who won the 2020 Baby of the Year competition!

I jumped at the opportunity to join the panel of Mum judges. I still can’t believe Lily was chosen as the winner, she had an amazing time with the photographer Stephen Hands at Barrett & Coe Romford.

It was a great chance to have professional photos taken of my beautiful daughter in an amazing, chilled environment. They did all the hard work and made sure she was comfortable and happy throughout the shoot. I would definitely recommend it and will revisit again to capture more milestones!


Hi, I’m Natalie, the proud mummy of Ewan (7) and Freya (20 months). Freya was one of the winners of Baby of the Month in January 2018.

I was delighted to be asked to join the panel of mum judges, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching my own children flourish in front of the camera at Nest Photography. Ben and Amy are such a welcoming team at Nest and they will continue to capture the precious milestones of my children in the future.

For me pictures are memories, so my tip would be to make the session fun and relaxed. Enjoy and don’t concentrate on getting the perfect image as the photographer will ensure this is captured for you!


Hi, I’m Jade, Mummy to Ruben, who won the 2019 Baby of the Year competition!

We absolutely loved our 6-month sitting photoshoot with Justine at The Picture Box. She was so friendly, smiley and that really rubbed off on Ruben, he loved posing for her, showing off all his rolls! When Justine took the photo we ended up entering to the competition, she actually said “that’s a Baby of the Month entry right there” little did we know he would go on to winning!

I was so excited to be asked to join the Baby of the Month judge panel. I’m a home baker and also work at a children’s role-play village, so I love anything creative, including photography. My top tip for getting the most out of your photoshoot is to sing your babies favourite song or play peekaboo behind them photographer encouraging them to look up at the camera!


Hi, my name is Alexandra, I am a mum of two beautiful boys! Callum who is 8 and little Robbie who will be one in October! Callum is genuinely the best big brother ever and absolutely dotes on Robbie! Robbie is the most smiley boy and is always happy.

We had a fantastic time at Robbie’s recent photoshoot, it was such a calm, joyful atmosphere, and I am over the moon with the final result! I’m so proud to be part of the Baby of the Month competition, as children are just the most precious gift and need to be celebrated, I can’t think of anything more perfect!


Hi I’m Shannon, mum to Oliver (3) and Henry (1) with my third boy due in October. Henry was a Top-10 Finalist in the August/September 2020 competition. I was amazed to be asked to join the panel of mum judges. I’m an accountant who loves all creative outlets, and I’ve found myself enjoying the regular entries since Henry’s photoshoot at Janet Young Photography

My tip for your baby’s photography session would be to enjoy every moment! They are little for such a short timeframe and as long as you are having fun and joining in, your baby will feel at ease and do the same.

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