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Success for David Coleman and Baby Jaxon

david-colemanIt’s a hat-trick for David Coleman! David took the adorable image of baby Jaxon, one of five winners in November’s Baby of the Month Competition. He adds Jaxon to his previous wins in January and August, with each of his winners receiving a £100 Mothercare Voucher and entry into the Baby of the Year competition to win £5000!

David says “I’ve worked for myself most of my working life, but now I’m actually doing something I enjoy! I fell into financial services and although I enjoyed the life we led, have seen more of the world than most and had countless amazing experiences, I didn’t enjoy the job. Wanting to go to work now as a photographer is a new and refreshing feeling.

I want people enjoy their time in my studio and my aim is to always make it a fun, pleasant and stress free experience. Photographers are ten a penny. We all use similar equipment in similar surroundings but it’s the photographer and quality of the experience that makes the difference. I don’t take customers for granted and talk to and treat everyone as I’d like to be talked to and treated myself.

We are trained that by having a good rapport with clients will ensure great expressions, resulting in great images – portraits are about good people wanting beautiful images to cherish and remember. It’s been great to be a winner in the Baby of the Month competition and now I have my fingers crossed for them in the Baby of the Year competition – and I’m aiming to have more winners to join them!”

Our studio is very close to Southport town centre and is ideal for combining a photographic shoot with a family day out. We welcome not only babies but children, families and pets – and its great fun when they all come together!”

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